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Padlock with Good Rebels (One Direction - The Janoskians fan fiction)

  It’s been a month since my parents are not in home. I’ve been hanging out with some people that i’m not allowed to be along with. I was sitting around the grass, chalked Bruce’s hair. It’s summer and i’m gonna take him surronding the village. Who’s Bruce? He’s my friend, he’s not talking. What caused it? Because he’s a horse. He has the neatest teeths pattern i’ve ever seen.

      I finished my work and moved to Carl. He’s my chimpanzee. I live with pets and socialites. My dad is one of those socialites, so does my mum. I’m not really enjoying to be in this circle. Especially, the rule that my mum made; “I can’t get along with the wrong people a.k.a lower class.” What an cocky family. Don’t they know, the more they bridle me, the more i desire to sneak out. God bless them in Hongkong. 

      “Lyyynnnn! Can i have a glass of juice, please?” i ran upstairs as i pleased Lynn to fill in my glass with juice. I pulled out my shelf roughly, and took out my socks. I pushed it hardly as i ran out and threw down my door. I stopped my step and sat down on a stair step. I pulled up my socks fastly. “Morning Claire!” Louis pulled up my chin and kissed my forehead. I smiled as he joined me sitting on a stair step right next to me.

"So, when do mum and dad go back?" i asked Louis.  

"Maybe next two weeks. Maybe.." he answered it with raising eyebrows.  

"Couldn’t they make it longer!?" i took a deep breath. 

"No worries. We could still do it.. Can we go ride this afternoon? Go out from the village.." he stood up as he gave me his hand.  

"Of course! I’m so bored in here. I’ve chalked Bruce’s hair. I think he’s gonna be outshined!" i accepted Louis’ hand and started neating my uniform.

      I finished my breakfast and wiped my mouth. I threw my bag on my seat as i got in of the car. Everytime my parents aren’t in home, all the maids, farmers, and drivers are chilling in their own spaces in our house. Louis and i are all rebels for these rules. I feel blessed that Louis’ still agreeing with me. Using two cars to go to an socialites event, one for my parents and for us. We’ve never reached the event, since the lovely driver Jeremy always turns the car to another direction. My parents wouldn’t notice it because they have their own lives until they don’t even bothered about their children existence. The point is their children get along with kids on the same level. But, we’ve ever been on an event while we were in Swiss. What i saw were some women who nice to the other socialites and fucking screw with waitresses life. If i was the owner of that place, i’m not gonna let these cougars step their feets on my place. What a shame.

      “Arrived.” Louis stopped the car. I stopped my muse and turned around. “Uhm, well.. Okay, then. What time will you pick me up?” i asked Louis as i got my bag hanging on my shoulder. “Uhm, right before lunch time. Have a nice day!” he smiled as he rushed my hair.  

      I got out of the car. “You too! See you around!” I waved my hand as i walked away from his car.


      This was my first day at school as a freshman. “Hey, Claire!” Brittany clapped my shoulder. “Uhm, hey!” i immediately hugged her tightly. “How was your break?” Brittany asked me as we walked down the balcony. 

"Uhm, i just went hang out and doing things with Louis, and i’ve chalked Bruce and Carl’s hair!" 

Brittany bursted into a laugh, “Oh, i was in London! I was there for about a week. I met many cool boys, hahaha” 

"Hahaha, i know you were looking for it, right? What subjects do you take for this term?" 

"Nooo! Hahaha. I take subjects just like in the past, you know," 

"Me too. Nothing compares to those!" 

"Always hooked with art, i know you,"  

Suddenly, the bell was ringing. “See you around, byeee!!” I ran away from Brittany as i still have to go upstairs for my art class.

     “What?” I asked Damien as he was staring at me. “Uhm, nothing..” He looked down. Weird. I tidied up my table while the bell was ringing. “Thankyou, Sir..” I smiled at him before he erased the board. He replied me with “See you tomorrow” and his smiled with tips of his teeth held in his chubby cheeks.  

     I walked down the coridor and looked for Brittany. I went to her class, “hey, did you see Brittnay?” I asked to the rest of students in her class. “She already went home,” one of the girls answered. I took a deep breath, “Okay, thankyou..”

     I went out to the school hall, and looked for Louis’ car. I walked towards the chair on the corner of the hall. “Where do you want to goooo..?” Someone pulled my shoulder from behind. I turned around. “HEY LOUIS, you surprissed me!!” I yelled at him as i tried to control my breath. I looked at him again, he smiled naughtly, “Let’s go eat!” He wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we walked towards his car.


"Knock, knock."  

    “Get in, please..” I said without taking my eyes away from my canvas. “Hello…..” Louis greeted me softly as he got in my room and sat on the corner of my bed. “What are you doing?” He asked me. I looked up at him, and showed him what i did on my canvas. He widened his eyes, and said nothing. Then, he started dropping his jaw. “What?” I interrupted his reaction. He pulled his eyes fastly and rubbed his forehead. “It’s just…… Awesome. Yeah, awesome!” He half yelled. I didn’t react it. “Yeah.. Awesome, you know. It’s Awesome..” He tried to smile because i didn’t react. I looked straight at him. And, he did too. Until i raised my eyebrows. “Thanks, heheh..” I smiled as big as i could. He still looked straight at me. Uhm, no. “Hey, i think we’re gonna ride Bruce?” I asked him to stop this awkward situation. He still looked straight at me. I breath roughly and got up from my seat. I got a wooden pod for my canvas and put it on the corner. Before i turned around, i felt i wasn’t on the ground anymore and i felt something warm on my cheek. Hell, Louis carried me with bride style as he kissed me on the cheek. “Let’s go girl!” He still carried me downstairs with bride style. Lynn saw that. “What you guys are doing?” She asked us. “Love and warm day,” Louis told Lynn, and passed her.

      Louis brought me to Bruce’s house and i started yawning while resting my head on his chest. “It’s still far enough, put me down, Loueh..” I asked him as i still yawned. “It’s..okay,” He answered with a hold breath. I can feel it that he held his breath as he had to carried me a bit farther.

      “Okay, you’re able to walk down, now..” Louis put me down. We dragged on our breathe as we walked towards Bruce. “Mint.. Purple.. Pink.. Tosca.. Yellow.. Cream.. These are your act, Claire?” Louis rushed Bruce’s hair as he lifted me up and let me climb on Bruce. I gave him my hand as he accepted my hand and stepped his feet on the pedal. “Are you wearing skirt?” Louis asked me by his back. “Uhm, yeah!” I answered it quickly. “Oh, fudge cakes. Hold me tightly then..” I pulled out my hands from my pockets and wrapped my arms around Louis’ waist. Before Bruce ran, he neighed as he stratched. Louis turned around and smiled at me. I smiled back at him as he worked on the saddle. Bruce ran out from the house and crossed the field, then passed the yard as we went out through the gate. “Afternoon, Bill!” We greeted the security. “Afternoon! Be careful and don’t come home late!” He yelled at us. I gave him thumb up as i smiled at him. He replied me with waved his hand and his big smile.

      “So, how was your day?” Louis asked me. Still by his back. “Uhm, like usually. Not really great because Brittany left me..” I looked up at him. I can see his mouth curved into a smile. I can’t believe that my gorgeous brother has no girlfriend. I enjoyed his smile until he turned his head to me. He raised his eyebrows, “What?” He asked me confusedly. I replied it with smile. “You’re so handsome, Lou.. I’m not kidding,” i smiled bigger as he looked down with his shy smile. 

"May i ask you something?" I put my chin on his shoulder.  


"Why don’t you get a girlfriend?" I asked him instensely. 

"Uhm… Why? Because of…. Nothing. Yeah, nothing.." 

"But Niall told me that many girls called you?" 

He widened his eyes as he affected to be pretending that it wasn’t. “No.. He lied.” 

"How come he lied? Sorry if i haven’t told you.. Many girls even called you until they belled our telephone in home." 

"No.. Probably they just-" 

BUCK! “What’s it?!” Louis stopped Bruce. I turned around and saw Bruce’s bum was like shaking.

      Louis brought Bruce to the edge of the road. He jumped down and holding my waist as he put me down. From the distance, we could hear that someone was complaining and stooped. I rushed Bruce’s back and undirectly looked from far that someone was lying on the grass. I poked Louis which was really looking for. He came closer as i pointed my finger to the person who was lying on the grass. He sharped his eyes and I really enjoyed it much. Oh Louis, how i adore you. If to marry a brother was legal as civil and religion, i’m gonna marry you.

      “NIALL!!” Louis’ scream was blown up my mind. I saw him running into Niall and kneeled down on the grass. I made my steps a bit faster as i followed Louis. I slid in the folds on my skirt between my thigh as kneeled down. “What an amazing ass..” Niall half wishpered as he dragged on his breath. I and Louis were frowning. Niall looked up straight and staring at the sky for a while. He still dragged on. “Soo, i was.. Huh, running.. And then, huh.. I wanted to, huh.. Chase Bruce.. But he ran faster and i bumped on his ass, huh.. And i was throown.” he dragged on his breath once again as he finished his words. Louis laughed hard after Niall’s explanation. He crawled on the grass as he slapped the grass. I immediately stared at Bruce’s bum as i imagined how this boy was running fast innocently and bumped into Bruce’s bum and was thrown. Cool.

      “So, are you okay?” I asked Niall as he sat down. “Yeah, i’m okay,” He wiped all over his face. “Come with us, then!” Louis gave him his hand. Niall accepted as he clapped his hand on his legs to clean up his jeans. “May i ride him?” Niall asked Louis as he rushed Bruce’s hair. Louis looked down at me, he raised his eyebrows. I nooded. “Okay, go up!” Louis pleased Niall. Niall stepped his foot on the pedal. Louis held my waist as he helped me climb up on Bruce. Then, i gave him my hand as he accepted it and helping him climb up. “Readeh?!” Niall yelled. “Yes.” I and Louis answered in straight tone. He turned around and looking at us. Louis looked straight at him while i was straighten my face. He started turning back as he wrinkled his chin. He worked on the saddle as Bruce stratched. Then, we continued our way. Went down to the grapes farms, passed the bread factory, stopped by macaroons shop.

      “Where are we gonna go right now?” Niall asked us by his back. “Just go home..” I answered as i looked up at Louis. He looked at me, then at Niall. He nooded at Niall. Niall rode Bruce back to home. I turned back and looking up at Louis. His eyes was sharper than the other times and the air sprang upon his hair as he closed his eyes sometimes, enjoying the sprang. He clapped his finger on his legs as he curved his lips to a little smile. As long as he stays single, i wouldn’t get a boyfriend. Suddenly, he looked down at me. I immediately was blown up my thought. He smiled at me as he raised his eyebrows, affected “What?” I smiled at him, “Like did i say..” He stopped for a while to think what was it. He started turning back at me, and chuckled. He kissed the top of my head as he wrapped his arms around my shoulder.


      Bruce stopped suddenly. Louis’ chin bumped into the back of my head as my cheek bumped into Niall’s back. “Hey, guys! Park your horse there! And come in!” Luke yelled at us as he stood in front of us. Mrs. Brooks came out, “Hey, kids! Yeah, come here!” She affected her hand like called us in. Louis jumped down first. And he held my waist as he helped me to go down. Niall directed Bruce to the park of Brooks’ family’s home. Jai came closer and helping him go down.

      “Dad was just arrived after a week in France. He brought many cheeses, so mum prosessed the cheeses, she made pizza with cheesy bites, and Chamembert cheese.. And then, Souffle cheese cakes, potato cheese asparagus!” Jai led us in to the house. I looked at Niall, who really seemed exhilarating. “Sit down, please..” Mr. Brooks pleased us as he pointed at the seats with his hand. “Thankyou, Sir..” Louis said as he took a seat right next to me. And Niall took a seat right next to him. “Welcooome!” Mrs. Brooks cheered as she brought the dishes to the table. Niall’s expression. The smell of the cheeses is really strong. I couldn’t even breath with the pure air. I mean, without cheeses’ smell. I bet these dishes were using different kind of cheese for each dish. We were holding each others’ hands as we did prayer. “Enjoy the dishes!” Beau cheered as he lengthened his hand to get the dishes. 

      I looked at the Brooks family. I wish i had a family like that. They have parents who don’t often go outside the city, who always support the hobbies of their children, who don’t spoiled their children, who treat their children to always feel blessed, it’s really the exact opposite of my family. My parents always make their cariers as the important ones, they don’t even want me to do everythings that hooked with art, they told me that it’s really sucks. They always spoiled me, they bought me many dresses while they’re knowing it that i don’t wear dresses. And they always feel ungrateful and complain much about problems or troubles that they must’ve faced as socialites. 

     “So, where are your parents?” Mr. Brooks asked us. “They’re in Hongkok,” Louis answered as he always does, smiled. “Hey, Claire! By the way, Bruce’s hair is sick!” Luke half yelled. “Don’t yell, Luke” Mrs. Brooks warned look. I chuckled as i tried to answering Luke, “Uhm, thanks.. I chalked it yesterday. And i heard, you guys have a group? And your single, Set This World On Fire?” I asked them as i smiled bigger. They looked each others, then turned back and looking at me. They smiled, then nooded their heads at the same time. I chuckled. “Would you guys show us the acapella?” Niall asked them. They looked each others again. Then, turned back and looking at us. They started singing it,  

"We’re gonna set this world on fire, 

We’re staying up tonight,  

We got nothing to lose, 

We’re gonna set this world on fire, 

You know we keep it jumping when we break all the rules, 

We gonna set this world on ifre, 

Oohh.. Oh…” 

I heard this song two days ago, and in pop version. It felt great to have them in front you and they did the acapella one. We clapped our hands as they finished it. “You two have got really talented kids!” Louis praised as he still wow-ed by them. “What’s the name of your group?” Niall asked. “What, guys?” Beau turned to his brothers. “Jasnokians. Just Another Silly Names Of Kids In A Nation Skip!” They said it together. We were all bursting to laughs. I took a look at Louis, his phone was ringing. He looked up at us, “Uhm, excuse me..” He affected to answering a call, then went out of the living room. “How many members does your group has?” I asked them again. “5 members! We have James and Daniel.. Come to our place sometimes, bring Liam, too,” Jai answered as he bit the rest of cheesy bites. “Uhm, excuse me, Sir.. May we go home now? Lynn called me recently,” I looked up at Louis. He looked down at me too, he nooded. Affecting to just sue. “Yeah, thankyou, Mr. And Mrs. Brooks, this means a lot!” I gripped their hands as their thanked us too. I hugged Beau, Luke and Jai. They took us until the door way. “Don’t bothere to come here agian, i’m gonna cook for you!” Mrs. Brooks half yelled as we were ready on Bruce. “Sure, thankyou so much! See you later, guys!” We waved at them as Bruce walked out from their park. They still waved at us until we didn’t see them again.

      “Niall’s arrived!” Niall stopped Bruce right in front of his home. “Thankyou guys!” Niall clapped my shoulder. Louis jumped down, then hugged Niall. “Sorry for Bruce’s bum bumped,” Louis said as he clapped Niall’s arms. Niall raised his eyebrows, “it was awesome, you know,” Louis chuckled. “See you around then!” Niall yelled as he ran away from us, got in his gate. Louis turned back at me, i gave him my hand. He accepted it as he stepped his feet on the pedal. “Byeee!” We yelled at Niall as we walked away from his home. He turned around before he walked in, and waving us once more.


      We arrived at home. Louis got Bruce ran faster as the sky got darker while we were passing the yard. Louis jumped down. He held my waist again as he helped me go down. Louis brought Bruce get in to his house as i got a bag of grass for Bruce. I put it right in front of Bruce, then went back again for Bruce’s water and milk. “Finisihed!” I yelled while washing my hand by the water that out from intertice. I walked to the Carl’s cage and checking him. I rushed his hair then kissed his hand. “Come on, we almost late!” I walked out the house as Louis locked the door. He turned around and looking at me. I looked at him too. He cued to the direction of way home. I looked at the way, then turned back at him again. I raised my shoulder. Then, he somehow ignored me. I ignored him too and looking down. I looked up again. He wasn’t next to me again. I turned around. He was many miles away from me. He did tongue out as he still ran. I took a deep breath, then running too. I called up my energy as i tried to chasing him. He ran faster while i had been close to him. I ran faster as i can. I keep running and running. Until i closed enough to my home, i stopped and holding my knees with my hands. Suddenly, someone hung me then lifting me up. “Do you really only have energy like that, oh, Claire??” Louis asked me as he carried me with bride style to the home.

      “Hey guys, where have you been!?” Lynn yelled at us as we walked in. “We’re sorry, we had dinner in Brooks family’s home.” I walked pass Lynn with head down. “I’ll go to take a shower now..” I walked upstaris as Louis followed me. I entered room and immediately went to bathroom.


"Knock.. Knock." 

      “Get in please..” I half yelled. The door opened. I looked up and there was stood in the door way, Lynn. “Oh, yeah, Lynn?” I asked her while neating my clothes. “No, i just want to tell you.. You have to have dinner twice,” She said as she winked at me. I frowned. “What?” I asked her unbelievely. “Just sue..” She winked again, then went out. I wouldn’t throw out after eating many cheeses and then, having dinner again. Don’t kidding me while i’m unmood. “Claire.. Come on, let’s have dinner..” Someone said as he knocked my doorstep. I walked towards the door, and opening it. There was Louis stood in front of my door. With his hoodie, training trousers and sneakers on. He smiled as i opened the door fully. “We did, Louis.” I looked up at him. “This one is different, come on..” He come closer and brushing his hand on my back. I dragged on my breath, “Okay then..” I looked up at him. He smiled at me and pulled me out from my door way, then closed my door. I let him walked in front of me, and i walked behind me and put my forehead on his back. So lazzy, and already felt full.

      We stepped the last step of stairs. I still held my hands on Louis’ waist and putting my forehead on his back. He went his hands to my hands and pulling it away. He also started walking away. I still looked down. And there’s a shadow of tall figure came closer to me. I still looked down. And, the shadow reached the closest place to me. “Hi, Claire..” He greeted my as he held my hands. I looked up. Damn. My jaw dropped. I can’t believe this. “Come on.. Hug me!” He opened his arms. Oh my God.. He amazed me. He’s so handsome, ah shit. I froze. What can i do right now. I immediately jumped on him and wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I burried my head on his chest. Oh my God, he’s the most handsome cousin of mine. “Ah, Zayn.. How i miss you! I don’t care, tomorrow, you have to take me to school. I’m gonna show you up to my friends!” I tighter my hug. He laughed. Dear God.. His voice. He’s changed since 4 years ago. “Sorry if i’m not light, i miss you so much!” I pecked his cheek. “No problem, hun.. Hug me as tight as you can. I’m gonna make it tighter too..” He pecked back my cheek. We were silent for a while. “Okay, if you really miss me, would you like to accompany me for dinner?” Zayn asked me, i can feel him turned his head to me. “If it’s for you, sure!” I half yelled. “Okay, then,” He kissed my shoulder as he put me down. I turned around for a while, and.. Who’s he? I sharped my eyes on him. He looked at me too. I raised my eyebrows. He smiled at me, “Hi!” Zayn looked at him, “Oh yeah, that’s my friend, Claire!” I leant my head and coming closer to him. “Hi! What’s your name?” I gave him my hand, he gripped it. “My name’s Harry..” He smiled again. His smile is so nice, does he want to show it up? “Surname.” I answered it coldly. “Harry Styles..” He answered it with smile again. Shit. His smile. I wouldn’t let go his hand. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Style!” I greeted him and shaking his hand. “Just call me Harry..” He smiled again. Arkh, i’m gonna die. After Zayn, and then, this Mr. Styles. I let go his hand, then walked to my seat. I took a seat next to Zayn. Lynn brought the dishes to the table.

      “How’s your college, Louis?” Zayn asked Louis. “Nothing much.. Just study and hang out. But i’m not really often to go hang out,” Louis answered as he got the cream soup in his bowl. “Harry..” Louis pleased Harry. Harry smiled again and getting his soup. Shit. Stop smiling. “Why?” Zayn asked as he bit his salmon. “I have my princess,” Louis looked at me, then winked. I chuckled. “Hahaha, do you still afraid of “Eves”?” Zayn made quotes affect by his fingers. I looked at Louis, he was like surprissed. “Hahaha, what are you talking about..” He answered it anxiously. I really want to laugh now. “And Claire, how’s your school?” Zayn looked at me. “Uhm, good. I was on the first rank, and got accused that mum bribed my teacher. Hahahaha, mum doesn’t even know how’s my school going,” I feeded in my soup into my mouth. “Hahahaha, that’s great, you know.. And, have you got a boyfriend?” Zayn looked at me teasely. I looked back at him teasely. “I haven’t, i’ve never been in a relationship.” I smiled simply at him. He almost choked his food. “None can beat Louis’ charmness and handsomeness!” I cheered. I can hear Louis chuckled. Zayn raised his eyebrows, “Okay, i’m done. You guys are cool!” He continued eating his food. I was still able to notice the wonder affect on his face. I looked up at Harry, that was on a conversation with Louis. I rarely stunned by a curly guy. But, he got me.


"Knock.. Knock." "Knock.. Knock." 

     “Get in, pleaaase!” I crawled as i woke up. I wore my sleep sandals and walking towards the door. I opened the door fully. And there was stood… Harry. With messy curls, wearing a sweat t-shirt and pajama trousers. God, please.. “What?” I asked him coldly. “Uhm.. Well.. Uhm, what’s it… Egh, i basically want to ask for a sleeping mask?” He scratched his hair. I bet it wasn’t itching at all.

"Asked Zayn."  

"He doesn’t use it for sleep.." 

"Asked Louis." 

"He’s working, i can’t disturb him.." 

"Check your suitcase." 

"I don’t bring it at all.. Please," His expression. Faggot. Ah, stupid. Why does he have to be in my home. "Wait." I walked in and closing the door. Hard to get. Hahaha. What? No, i’m not gonna think about it. Stop. I pulled out my shelf and take a blue sleeping mask. I opened my door again, and i was only popping out my head. "Here for you!" I gave him roughly. He took it and looked up at me. Smiled big. Dear God.. Stop this please. I had no idea, i replied his smile. Then, he seemed surprissed. He was about to talk before he left, "Don’t be cold. You really have a beautiful smile!" He raised his eyebrows as he smiled again. I affected to dislike what he said, "Goodnight." I closed my door immeadiately. I ran and crashed into my bed. I turned off the lamp, then started hitting my pillow. I burried my head in my pillow. Shit. Damn. He praised my smile, ah! I know i’m the most beautiful lady in the world now. Harry Styles told me that i’ve got the most beautiful smile! Yeah. I’m hard to be gotten though.

………What? No. Yeah, no. Shit. What i have done. Who cares if I have the most beautiful smile. I have known it before he told me. Ck, ah, the first day of sleeping tough.